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Government Enables Prosperity?


Governments intervene to affect, directly or indirectly, what people and businesses choose to do as they work and create wealth. Politicians continually refer to the economy and people credit or blame the government for the state of it. But there is no «economy», there are only people pursuing wealth-creation (economic) activities, or not.

Governments have, or think they have, a responsibility to sustain or enable prosperity i.e. the generation of wealth. So the interacting-for-benefit approaches can generate a Framework relevant to their proposals and interventions. Anyone can use this impartial Framework to judge for themselves. See the findings now.

Closed«There is no such thing as an economy.» Why?

ClosedBackground Knowledge

Order of Topics

A Market-Eye View of “Managing an Economy”

This provides rather simple formulations aiming to clarify: wealth, money, prices, lending and competition. (Political issues are examined elsewhere.)

Adopting an Economic Focus for a Society

In using the approaches to interacting-for-benefit, the frame of reference changes from «a person-interacting-with-others in society for their own benefit» to «a government-interacting-with-its-society to benefit economic activities».

Strengthening Meta-Economic Management

The seven approaches explain how governments alter the social environment within which wealth-creating activities are pursued. THEE principles are meta-economic rather than strictly or directly economic.

Upholding Commerce & Coping with its Side-effects

Government depends on commerce for prosperity and for its own funds. So it should value commerce highly. At the same time, interventions are required to handle inequalities and environmental damage which unregulated business generates.

Politico-economic Choices and Forces

The Framework is a hierarchical structure with a THEE-Tree specifying interrelated meta-economic responsibilities and influences. A full examination of Politics itself is posted elsewhere.

Two Ticklish Issues

TOP Note: This Framework-application is in a provisional state. Please provide examples, correct mistakes or inaccuracies, and help develop it further or apply it.

All posted material is part of a scientific project and should be regarded as provisional. Visitors are encouraged to think through the topics and propositions for themselves. Copyright © Warren Kinston 2009-2016.
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