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The Marketing Tree

THEE Note: Your understanding of the approaches to interacting-for-benefit and their relationships is taken for granted in this section. Review basics and review applications.

The Channels are Strategies

We are now ready to look at all possible strategies for marketing and making a business profitable.

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The hierarchy, as explained here, has Centres generated by recognizing the two contrasting foci for effort that marketers emphasize: the market or the product. The Centres in that diagram are the primary categories of commercial focus generated by the 7 modes of engagement in the market.

Each Centre in the Tree, though epitomized in a 2-3 word phrase, refers to diverse business choices based on interrelated interacting-for-benefit principles. Channels between Centres can be seen to define alternative and complementary business strategies.

The aim of this Framework is to help you understand the origins of accounts in marketing textbooks, so that you can:

TOP Note: The material presented here is not a substitute for the detailed accounts of methods described in marketing texts.

Twenty-Two+ in Two Sets+

There are twenty-two distinct marketing strategies which are described and graphically represented in the next 5 Topics.

The strategies are affected by the company-market duality. This allows them to be usefully divided into:

Business Strategies: that focus primarily on the company within the market.

Market Strategies: that focus primarily on the market that the company must enable.

These two sets are united by a focus on value-for-money (L4), which can, however, be by-passed. See how here.

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