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Tension-3: Company versus Market

There is an unavoidable asymmetry and tension, almost paradoxical, between a company and its market.

ClosedWhat is the Asymmetry? 

The commercial paradox, balancing «concern for the company» with «concern for the market», emerges from the ethical tension between individualist and communalist approaches to ethical choice.

ClosedThis tension is found in a variety of settings in slightly different forms:

In the present setting, a company needs markets they can enter, while customers need markets to give them choices amongst products from different companies. From the company's perspective, markets can be regarded as «an open and poorly defined community of companies» + «actual and potential customers» .

When we examined the nature of choices made at each of the Stages, it was rapidly apparent that L1-L4 are all individualist in slightly different styles, and L5-L7 are all communalist in slightly different styles .

Originally posted: July 2009

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