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Choosing a Focus for Profitability

The Market v Product duality for choices dealing with profitability must be applied Level by Level (i.e. Mode/Stage by Mode/Stage), focusing on the challenges and commercial imperatives at each Level.

THEE Note:Closed Key phrases within the Centres are provided to epitomize a wide variety of relevant principles affecting values and actions taken in each Centre.

ClosedL1: Ensuring Profitable Operations

This Level is Balanced: L1B.

ClosedL2: Battling with Competitors

This Level is Balanced: L2B.

ClosedL3: Promoting Effectively

This Level has 2 polar Centres: L3PL3M.

Dominance:Closed Publicizing product specifications (L3P) is closer to operations and more definite and controllable by the business, so it is naturally given higher value than analysing and assessing of unknown prospects (L3M).

ClosedL4: Providing Value for Money

This Level is Balanced: L4B.

ClosedL5: Bonding with Customers

This Level has 2 polar Centres: L5PL5M.

Dominance:Closed Market-centric considerations dominate over Product-centric ones because awareness of dependency will focus efforts on retaining customers, a prime objective of a business. By contrast, the giving of attention is episodic and contingent on various factors, often extraneous or outside company control.

ClosedL6: Introducing Innovations

This Level has 2 polar CentresL6PL6M.

Dominance:Closed Innovations can focus either on the Market or on the Product. Market-centric considerations dominate over Product-centric ones because of the degree of uncertainty and distrust that new technology products generate.

ClosedL7: Anticipating the Market

This Level is Balanced: L7B.

Originally posted: July 2009

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