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Stage-6: The Innovating Mode

Injunction: Innovate!

Businesses must activate the Perspective-centred system so as to develop new ideas, learn from industry papers, note academic research, tolerate continuous change, inquire and experiment freely and be open to the potential of the new in all areas of operations and management.

ClosedReview the Background

Some business innovations are about products built around new technological capabilities, while others are about product categories that are easy to fill but not yet accepted by customers.

Success depends on:

It is not easy:Closed following these principles is not a piece of cake. See the THEE analysis of a best-selling book about innovation. It is noticeable that one author is perspective-centred (PH’6QHt6), while the other author provides an imaginist (PH’4L7) perspective

ClosedQ: Is Innovation Product-centric? Or Market-centric? Or Both?

Developmental Stimulus

Keeping abreast of changes and introducing the new enables a company to keep up with others. However, if there is a desire to take the lead and get the advantages that come from being first, something further is required: a deep commercial sense of market realities, future trends, and business possibilities. This demands reality-centred principles.

Originally posted: July 2009

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