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Stage-4: The Reciprocity Mode

Injunction: Give good value!

Businesses must activate the Community-centred mode, which urges reciprocity. In the commercial context, that means offering value-for-money. Ideally, the purchasing community will think what they obtain is «cheap at double the price».

ClosedReview the Background


Businesses must self-consciously restrain urges to exploit or cheat customers, but rather seek ways and means to generate mutual advantage. This is the stage at which customers are won over.

Success depends on:

ClosedQ: Is reciprocity product-centric? or market-centric? Or both?

Developmental Stimulus

Given a base of customer support, a desire to retain customers grows as the natural way to ensure that support for the firm is safe against erosion by time or competitors.

«Customer Retention» is a meaningless aspiration if a commitment to providing «Value-for-Money» is absent or weak. The difficulty is that this new aspiration requires a readiness to put customer relationships before the business itself. That is unmistakably a kinship-centred type of demand.

Originally posted: July 2009

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