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Making Your Business Profitable

A New Perspective

Businesses interact within their markets solely in order to prosper. So we are now reaching the sharp end of prosperity.

The Interacting-for-Benefit Framework reveals the route to develop an effective profit-oriented ethos and profit-based strategies within any business. It helps in the diagnosis of profitability-related issues, and throws light on the nature of markets and marketing.

Who might be interested in these applications? Anyone in commerce, including business consultants, will be aware of much of substance offered here. But the presentation here is significantly different from what you have experienced in the past. Remember that this website offers the unique THEE perspective, and so is not a substitute for learning from your own experiences, experimenting, talking with experienced people, or reading widely.

None of the ideas to come are new, but the arrangement of the knowledge is new and it gives a deeper understanding of the nature of these ideas and why they are perennial truths of commerce.

Application of the Framework

Our first task is to adjust the original Framework so as to adopt a commercial focus. This means: adapting our simple TET diagram to suit a business—rather than a person or employee.

Strengthening the Commercial Ethos

If the aim is maximum profitability, a business needs an ethos or culture that integrates all the different approaches to gain benefits in a market. As you might expect, development does not occur in a single jump.

The crucial transitions here enable a move from a proprietorial focus (i.e. basically market-centred) to an entrepreneurial focus (i.e. intensely market-centred).

The Framework of Profitability

The Spiral order that is defined in the cultural analysis can be laid out as a hierarchical structure that specifies progressively more market-oriented choices and permits clarification on how these choices affect each other.

Market Strategies

It might look complicated, but be sure the the basics are understood, and then it is child's play. The Channels linking different Centres in a Tree diagram define the full set of strategies a business can choose to use when interacting within its market.

Originally posted: July 2009

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