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Reinforcing Competence: L3 Choices

Experts determine Outputs

Cooperation is about getting different individuals (persons or organizations) to work together because they have complementary expertise, responsibility and authority. Cause-centred approach principles lead to choices that ensure the appropriate specialization and professionalism needed to underpin competence.

Review Cause-centred Principles from a purely personal perspective.

Tension in Cooperation

Does L3-Expertise imply a Participant focus or a Shared-Endeavour focus or both? In this case, choices related to specialization appear in two distinct forms.

Influences on Cooperation

Choices flowing from expertise and standards can influence and will be affected by choices sustaining prosperity (at L1) and choices ensuring strength and power (at L2).

ClosedExplain the Picture

Obligation & Justification: L3 L2

Focus & Improvement: L3 L1


The problem that now arises in any joint effort is how to coordinate the inputs and activities of the varied experts &/or pressures and desires of diverse participants to achieve a common goal outside the realm or outside the control of any particular one.

Joint work by independent individuals to produce a practical result for the group is the pre-occupation of community-centred thinking, and this is where we find the emphasis on consensus to ensure cooperation.

Originally posted: July 2009

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