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Distinctive Leadership Roles

TOP Note:Closed In using this diagram with colleagues, subordinates or clients, it is wise to be fully conversant with the underlying framework of interacting-for-benefit. It is particularly important to be clear about the difference between the Types and the Modes.

ClosedOfficer: Job-focus

ClosedBoss: Power-focus

ClosedExpert: Cause-focus

ClosedCoordinator: Community-focus

ClosedGuardian: Kinship-focus

ClosedStrategist: Perspective-focus

ClosedVisionary: Reality-focus

Given that each new situation is different and seems unpredictable, the leader also needs to be able communicate their foresight in a way that is credible, persuasive and genuinely unites people.

ClosedTOP Note:

Originally posted: July 2009

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