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The Spiral of Career Growth

A Natural Process

The Spiral emerges as a person strives to engage constructively in the workplace. In a natural way, a person discovers that there are markedly different sets of principles (Modes) needed to navigate their career journey.

The values, principles and warnings in each of the Modes accumulate, leading to ever-increasing sophistication as the career process matures. Nothing that has once been a necessary contribution ever loses its importance. Rather, awareness and capabilities developed in the later Stages refine and sharpen the values and strengths of earlier Stages.

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The Transitions

The process starts in Mode-1 : Stage-1 by Doing a Job Well. This is possible by applying market-centred principles—which remain the basis for earning a living, and the grounding for any business or management career.

There are then two Cycles each of which progressively increases the market-centred intensity:

Oscillating Duality: The transitions alternate between being externally (socially)-driven and being internally (psychologically)-driven, as explained in the Cycle review below.

Originally posted: July 2009

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