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Stage-7: Master the Future

Applying Reality-centred Principles

You have now reached the final Stage of career growth, though not, of course, the end of personal development or ambition in terms of achievements or wealth.

You will have been concerned about the future from the moment you reached a senior level position. But, up to this point, no Mode has offered specific guidance as to the unknown and apparently unknowable.

If you are the CEO,Closed the task is now truly immense. You have to take the enterprise into the unknown—the future. This is only possible as the CEO, and not just any CEO, but one who can master the future—insofar as that is humanly possible.

If you are not the CEO,Closed you have to take yourself and your career into the future. You may find your employment situation becomes intolerable, given what you can see coming.

The needed principles and dangers are described in detail here. However, this box tells the Reality-centred story in a nutshell:

Originally posted: July 2009

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