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Building a Career in Stage-4

The full combination of abilities, attitudes and values that you will have developed from principles acquired in the market-, power-, cause- and community-centred Stages, combined with your hands-on experience, puts you in a strong position to manage and lead effectively.

You may choose to settle at this Stage and advance your career to the limit of your ambition and capability. It depends in part on what you discover about your own mentalities. If you are not sure, review them (again) now

If Primarily Market-centred & Secondarily Community-centred

If you enjoy putting your stamp on a group, while finding it natural to relate to the range of disparate capable experts who constitute it, then by all means stop at this Stage.

You will find yourself striving for a positive productive culture in which morale is high and people are treated well. Good people will be attracted to your company/business and, all other things being equal, solid achievement for the organization is likely.

By looking across disciplines and departments, you will find yourself developing a modified market-centredness: one built around the organization as a whole. Read more.

Alternative Mentality Combinations

There are many factors that can affect choice of work. Here we focus on the interactional element in choice: a factor that is often dominant, but not necessarily so.

If you are primarily community-centred and secondarily market-centred:Closed You might prefer to pursue a career in a service sector linked to personal and social needs.

If you are primarily community-centred and secondarily cause-centred:Closed You would probably be better off within a government-funded welfare agency.

If you are primarily cause-centred and secondarily community-centred:Closed You would probably prefer employment within the voluntary service sector or in a campaigning organization.

Originally posted: July 2009

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