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Building a Career in Stage-3

If You are Secondarily Cause-centred

If you combine secondary cause-centredness with being primarily market-centred, you can settle effectively and comfortably in this Mode without limiting your ambitions at all. You will certainly enjoy exercising and developing your expertise and knowledge. Your status and earnings can increase in a variety of ways:

If You are Primarily Cause-centred

The triple combination of principles: hard work and good deals (market-centred), strength and self-control (power-centred) and specialist expertise (cause-centred) is hard to beat. Any of the options identified above would probably serve you well.

However, if you discover that you are primarily cause-centred and only job-focused by necessity, then be aware that you may be power-centred as a secondary Mode. This combination is common amongst professionals.

More seriously, perhaps you are primarily power-centred and secondarily cause-centred. (It would be best to review and make your own judgement about this now.) In any case, combining power- and cause- mentalities in an organization, can lead to difficulties.

ClosedPossible career moves:

Originally posted: July 2009

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