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Building a Career in Stage-2

If You are Secondarily Power-Centred

Power-centred principles are often grafted secondarily on to a primary job-focused market orientation. This combination offers a simple and expedient route to career satisfaction and progress. It seems that, in many cases, there really does not have to be more to a job than «working the system».

ClosedFocus on Satisfaction and Success

ClosedChoose a Pragmatic Style

ClosedAdvice to the Ambitious

Even if you settle here, it is advisable to explore this career trajectory further. It can help you understand the careers of others in your work-place: including some whom you will be expected to manage, advise or mentor.

If You are Primarily Power-Centred

This is a trickier one to self-manage. It may be obvious to you that this is where you are: but this is not always the case. You may think rather highly of yourself for good reasons: you are smart, you espouse ideals. Still you are probably primarily power-centred Closedif ►

Originally posted: July 2009

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