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If You are Power-centred

… and I mean, primarily power-centred, then the dangers for you are greatly increased.


So: An Alternative Arena

If you are primarily power-centred, you may be better off by seeking out work that is primarily power-centred. The world of politics offers many opportunities, especially as it is not limited to elected politicians. There is room for many political players in diverse organizations and professions.

The adrenaline rush and excitement of risky activities can be irresistible. Intense ambition, lust for power, rivalries, lies, back-stabbing, threats, intimidation, blindness to realities are the norm in politics—no colleague will be immune. Apart from hypocritical public statements, no-one will expect anything else or really blame you for doing what all around you do.

I know that too much rationality is a turn-off, and who likes to be criticized for what everyone else does on the quiet anyway? Still, you might find THEE's picture of Politics relevant.

You should also read more about power-centred principles and dangers. You will benefit by continuing to Stage-3: Committing to a meaningful path and beyond, because you need to know what others are up to so as to recognize weaknesses and strengths that you can exploit.

Originally posted: July 2009

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