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Benefits for the Employer

Integration & Mutual Influence

The interacting-for-benefit approaches/mentalities may be incompatible, but an organization (like any social system) has a capacity and the need to integrate incompatible Types within itself. These Types must be enabled to influence each other. Such integration and influence can occur by seeing any Type as possessing both «content» = methods, and «context» = social values = the Mode.
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The Kinship-centred mentality is not the same as recognizing that the family is important. Without being kinship-centred, we can all agree that a family can and should provide its members with valuable experiences like unconditional belonging, warmth, trust, security, encouragement, and dependability.

As a result, social bodies can reasonably expect all employees, irrespective of their Type-mentality, to agree on the value of things like trust, encouragement, dependability, loyalty and security.

At the same time, no social body can be expected to tolerate characteristic and normalkinship-centred behaviours at work such as: intense emotional displays, visceral distrust of all outsiders, gratification of any and every wish of the CEO), or absolute insistence on deference to tradition.

The diagram shows some typical imperatives that flow from particular Interaction-for-Benefit Types. They are compatible work values that should be acceptable to all.

Synthesis of Modes

This section of the site will explain the specific order that the Modes naturally emerge so as to be personally and socially incorporated. The construction of the Framework has two main features:

There is only one possible trajectory for development. As will become evident,Closed once a Mode is established in a Stage, the specific crisis-challenge is only properly resolved by just one of the remaining Modes.

Originally posted: July 2009

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