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Focus on the Workplace

Adjusting the TET Axes

We now move from interacting for benefit in general, i.e. a personal-social focus, to interacting for benefit in the workplace, i.e. an employee-business focus. This transition demands a change in the TET's axes’ labels, the «executing duality»:

All career progress, within employment settings, depends on striking the right personal and social balance between these two essential requirements at work.

Your Career is an Adventure

The story to follow may appear rather simple, and the Spiral pattern that emerges will look obvious—but do not be misled, we are dealing with identity growth. Such maturation is not a one-way, rigid railroad track: individuals will experience their own complex and varied journey. Personal growth is rarely easy and spontaneous: it is always an adventure.

At times, the adventure can feel natural and proceed without problems—but it can easily go wrong or be misunderstood by others (or even by ourselves). This website is designed to help you in good times and also when the going gets rough.

Originally posted: July 2009

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