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Guidance: Who are You?

Know Your Mentality

Careers begin with a determination to get and hold a job: it is then up to everyone to grow within the workplace and through work-related interactions.

So it is a good idea to get a good fix on your approach to success as soon as you can.

If your are market-centred, then you must and will accept that making money is a life-long personal imperative and ethical obligation.

For everyone else, prospering remains mightily important, and Closed you certainly don't have to be primarily market-centred to get employed and have a career in business. In any case, this Framework applies with only minor modifications to non-profit organizations and government agencies, where many of you will be working.

TOP Note: Although this Framework focuses on those of you who are market-centred, references are systematically made to the other six mentalities, indicating likely experiences and relevant choices for you. Remember that you will probably have a primary and a secondary approach. It should be easier for you if you have a good sense of what they are and how they affect you.

Get to Know the Growth Process

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Originally posted: July 2009

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