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Developing Your Career

If you are ambitious, you seek to prosper.

If you are not, you still want to prosper.

Unless you are a born entrepreneur, small trader, or loner, prospering means employment. During your employment career, you will develop capabilities and social skills. This vital personal development happens on the job (i.e. not in Business Schools).

TOP Note: You will see here how a person builds a career over three decades by moving through two or more distinctive Stages. This is how you have been building &/or will build your career—the only issue now is whether you want to know about it, and possibly help others.

Your past and future developmental sequence can be beautifully revealed and clarified by the approaches in the Interacting for Benefit Framework. At each stage of growth, the Framework provides defining moments and essential injunctions.

By paying attention to these THEE principles, you will be helped to fulfil your own potential.

Start now by being clear who you are.

If you want to know what's coming, see the whole process via this ultra-brief synopsis.

Are you familiar with the underlying framework?
You must at least know the basics: check out …Closed the summary matrices and see how words and ideas are understood differently by each mentality/approach.

Originally posted: July 2009

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