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Where Markets Get Their Values

Capitalism is Value-neutral

The productivity set of approaches, properly pursued, ensures efficient and effective production of social goods.

Market-centred people are the source of wealth creation based on free-enterprise and other capitalist principles.

Cause-centred people are the source of pressure for reforms and the creation of new futures.

Perspective-centred people are the source of dispassionate inquiry, functional analyses and the articulation of alternatives.

However, none of these approaches provide the orienting values that ensure outcomes are enlightened, desirable or even acceptable. Markets, ideologies and inquiries have intrinsic values that ensure their own perpetuation, but the values that permeate and drive actions have their origins in society.

Markets get Values from Society

The markets, so essential for prosperity, need to get values from their context: society. Two basic questions arise:

For answers, we must look to the well-being set of approaches. Any criticism of markets needs to be re-directed there.

The Kinship-centred spirit provides values from a reservoir of custom and tradition.

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The Power-centred spirit provides values flowing from self-interest and egotistic drives.

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The Community-centred spirit provides values emerging from personal and social needs.


The Reality-centred spirit provides values derived from and supporting the human spirit.


Originally posted: July 2009

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