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How Business is Damaged

Commerce and enterprise are economic necessities, while productive work is also a psychological and spiritual need. Working to earn a living keeps us in contact with reality, enables us to be creative, helps us know ourselves and keeps us relating to others.

But work and commerce are never allowed to flourish naturally, because the presence of hardship and suffering from human or natural causes activates feelings of entitlement (leading to rage and violence) and compassion (leading to guilt and intervention).

The urge to have our wishes, preferences and impulses gratified, without concern for reality, leads to serious temporary distortions of markets and even permanent dysfunctional institutions. Either there is a ● loss of focus on profitability and business is exploited for social ends; or business is ● undermined by good intentions.

Losing Focus on Profitability

The Cost of Good Intentions

Originally posted: July 2009

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