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Supporting Business & Markets

Prosperity involves profitable commerce via markets within a society.

But in any society, many members are not market-centred, with some unequivocally anti-market. In our present state of political immaturityTHEE inquiries in to politics suggest it will be decades, possibly longer, before the Western-developed world can reasonably expect political maturity., politicians, in particular, continuously subvert and damage markets with abandon.

So the present situation can only be managed if people’s orientations are worked with positively. Pressure should be brought to bear to protect markets and enable their functioning; and profit-generating efforts must be valued.

Money and Work

The four quadrants generate distinct economic philosophies. Each mentality has its own view of how money should be obtained and handled. Only the market-centred approach supports the making of profits through hard work.
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How Business is Damaged

Social pressures can damage markets and businesses:

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Where Markets get their Values

Business cannot lead society. Markets and businesses have to get their values from society, which means: from the approaches on the well-being diagonal.
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Getting Work: Alternatives to the Market

Work is required outside the market. One threat to prosperity is that many people, perhaps most people, prefer to work within bodies dominated by congenial non-market mentalities.
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How Big Organizations should Harness People

Employees are not homogeneous in their perception of benefit. Because the benefit mentalities are so powerful, they permeate performance in the workplace. They can and should be used to design both motivating and controlling strategies.
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Originally posted: July 2009

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