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Mental States 3: Social Bonds

Moods & their Impact

The four well-being mentalities activate personal moods and social atmospheres, which affect personal relationships and social bonds:

The effect in the Reality-centred & Community-centred (upper-right quadrant) occurs within larger groups and wider society; while the effect in the Kinship-centred & Power-centred (lower-left quadrant) occurs within small groups.

It can be a thin line between exclusivity (positive) and paranoia (negative), & between acceptance (positive) and depression (negative).

Constructive Moods: Integration

Moving up the diagonal, these mentalities become increasingly inclusive of individuals and groups.

ClosedExclusivity Bonds Individuals

ClosedAcceptance Bonds Society

Destructive Moods: Hostility

Moving up the diagonal, these mentalities show an increasing capacity for self-control.

ClosedHostility to Individuals breeds Paranoia

ClosedHostility to Society breeds Depression

Originally posted: July 2009

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