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Mental States 2: Dynamic Action

Moods & Their Impact

The three productivity-oriented mentalities activate personal moods and social atmospheres, which affect energy levels and personal involvement with specific decisions and useful activities:

The impact for Cause-centred & Perspective-centred (upper-left quadrant) falls on society, while the impact for Market-centred (lower-right quadrant) falls on individuals.

It can be a thin line between criticism (positive) and cynicism (negative), & between confidence (positive) and complacency (negative).

Constructive Moods: Invigoration

Moving down the diagonal, the positive mood produces increasingly visible results.

ClosedCriticism Invigorates Society

ClosedConfidence Invigorates Individuals

Destructive Moods: Demoralisation

Moving down the diagonal, the negative mood produces increasingly visible arrogance.

ClosedCynicism Demoralises Society

ClosedComplacency Demoralises Individuals

Originally posted: July 2009

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