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Focus: Subjectivity & Responsiveness

Well-being mentalities must be psychologically focused, which requires subjectivity and responsiveness.

Productivity mentalities must focus on a largely impersonal world, which requires objectivity and balance.

Well-being Set

These mentalities live in a world of subjectivity and are preoccupied with:

Moving up the diagonal, there is:

i.e. increasingly objective subjectivity

Feelings should be displayed.

Feelings are used to manipulate, control and dominate.

Feelings are important in terms of atmosphere and group morale. Negative feelings like envy, greed, rage and jealousy must be anticipated and prevented, or handled before they disrupt.

Feelings are epiphenomena: to be neither indulged nor taken seriously.

Productivity Set

These mentalities view matters subjectively at times and respond to states and events, both inner and outer. Their goals and values, in particular, are inherently subjective and remain a point of reference if emotions get aroused. However, this subjective orientation is not primarily about maintaining well-being. It is an opportunity to give direction, to fulfil duty, to grasp opportunity, or otherwise to enable or assist productive activity.

Originally posted: July 2009

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