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Focus: Objectivity & Balance

Productivity mentalities must focus on a largely impersonal world, which requires objectivity and balance. Well-being mentalities must be psychologically focused, which requires subjectivity and responsiveness.

Productivity Set

These mentalities live in a world of purpose and consequences, and so are preoccupied with

while releasing passion for the task.

Moving down the diagonal, there is:

i.e. increasingly subjective objectivity.

ClosedFeelings & Distress

ClosedFeelings & Distress

ClosedFeelings & Distress

Well-being Set

Those with well-being mentalities are certainly capable of objectivity and balance at work or in specific situations calling for such a focus. However, they do not worry too much about objectivity and balance in regard to what is most important for them: their social relationships.

Imbalance in any of these mentalities naturally generates interaction or talk with relevant people in their group. Their whole approach to effective perception is different.

Originally posted: July 2009

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