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Reduce Risks: Attend to Others

Everyone faces risks and should strive to reduce them when seeking benefits. For the Well-Being Set, the risks relate to not noticing dangers to personal and group security. These risks are reduced by giving attention to others. For the Productivity Set, the risks relate to futile effort and unproductive use of valuable resources. These risks are reduced by specialization.

Well-being Set

These mentalities naturally give attention to others to reduce the risk of psychological disruption and to make life a joy rather than a misery. Moving up the diagonal, the necessary span of attention broadens.

Golden Rule:Closed Over-protection is simply devotion.

Golden Rule:Closed The price of safety is eternal vigilance: only the paranoid survive.

Golden Rule:Closed Remember the Golden Rule.

Golden Rule:Closed Everything happens for a purpose: you just need to see what it is.

Productivity Set

These mentalities do give attention to others of course. But, in all cases, inter-personal attention is geared to productivity, not to maintaining well-being. Obligations to others tend to be avoided or kept impersonal, contractual or part of a given role.

Golden Rule:Closed Who has the gold rules!

Golden Rule:Closed You are either for us or against us!

Golden Rule:Closed There are no absolute rules!

Originally posted: July 2009

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