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For Success 1: Responsibility and Rationality

Both responsibility and rationality are essential for production and efficiency—whilst they do not inherently generate well-being.

Responsibility implies rationality becauseClosed expectations and predictions flow from specific duties; conversely, acting on whim, being illogical, and ignoring agreed purposes, are taken to indicate irresponsibility.

Rationality implies responsibility becauseClosed others must be able to depend on a person standing behind their views, pursuing their stated goals, adhering to a doctrine or using evidence and logic properly.

Productivity Set

■ Responsibility is valued over Authority

These mentalities demand a degree of rationality and responsibility.

Moving down the diagonal reveals:

Methods:Closed The burden of logic, purpose, knowledge and accountability leads to various approaches to reduce the risk inherent in any endeavour. A general method is to enhance expertise through focus and specialization.

ClosedRisk & Limits

ClosedRisk & Limits

ClosedRisk & Limits

Well-being Set

■ Authority is valued over Responsibility

These mentalities aim to protect or advance themselves or their group. So they trend to avoid, deny, spoil, reject or supersede rational thought and responsible action. Rationality is simply too cold or artificial and responsibility just too impersonal in the face of feelings, self-interest and suffering.

Because:Closed Intense emotions and the urge to gratify wishes interfere with rationality. Nepotism and racism interfere with responsibility.

Because:Closed Saving face is always given a higher priority than responsibility; and cronyism, loyalty, impulsiveness and dangerous risk-taking tend to ignore rational factors.

Because:Closed Rationality, especially about finances, tends to be displaced by irrational feelings, especially guilt, and the desire to be egalitarian and meet entitlement claims of group members.

Because:Closed Reality includes others’ minds and cosmic forces, so use of the imagination is essential; and the output of such seeing cannot be meaningfully subject to rational thought.

Originally posted: July 2009

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