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Benefit for Society 2: Cohesion

Well-Being Set

■ Cohesion is valued above Production

ClosedView of Work

ClosedView of Work

ClosedView of Work

ClosedView of Work

Moving up the well-being diagonal, effectiveness increases.

Kinship-centred people see cohesion as a family matter and are ready to disrupt society for family values.

Power-centred people broaden that focus but believe in authoritarian means.

Community-centred people deepen cohesion still further by activating inner obligations and group dependence.

Reality-centred people can go even further and are capable of activating the deepest urges to tolerate, include and unify.

Productivity Set

■ Production is valued above Cohesion

On the productivity diagonal, disruption of society is unavoidable.

Originally posted: July 2009

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