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Benefit for Society 1: Production

Productivity Set

■ Production is valued above Cohesion

ClosedFragmenting pressure is mild …

ClosedSplits and divisions become evident …

ClosedSocio-economic differentiation is inevitable …

Moving down the productivity diagonal, speed and efficiency increases.

A social good (e.g. a new right to trade) may be articulated via Perspective-centred individuals over years, even decades, until it is at last vigorously promoted by Cause-centred individuals over months/years. When business opportunities finally beckon, Market-centred individuals can move on a matter with great speed and efficiency: in weeks if not in days.

Well-Being Set

■ Cohesion is valued above Production

On the well-being diagonal, sharing and distributing rather than producing is the focus of all mentalities.

Originally posted: July 2009

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