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Generating the Benefits


Step 1: This emphasized and formulated the difference amongst people in regard to what would benefit them in their social life and how to get it.

Step 2: This used a TET 2×2 Table, which differentiated the essences of the 7 approaches.

Step 3: The diagram permitted us to see all approaches simultaneously. This is precisely what is required within any group project, an organization or a community, because all approaches generate different significant benefits.

We have broadly answered the big question: What does each mentality count as a benefit?

We know that the productivity and well-being diagonal sets reveal distinct values, attitudes, behaviours and institutions intrinsic to benefiting from interaction.


Step 4, we must:

  1. understand those benefits in more detail,


  2. grasp implications of pursuing those benefits.

In all types of benefit and all requirements for success, the concerns are handled distinctively by each diagonal set, as well as by each mentality within that set—either for the better or for the worse.

TOP NOTE: The items below list topics to be covered in Step 4; all topics will be unpacked and explained with diagrams.

Originally posted: July 2009

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