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Getting the Best of Both Worlds

Two Complementary Approaches

It is mandatory to hold one of the productivity approaches. Everyone must produce, like it or not, with success and benefits depending greatly on the quality of this effort—plus another factor: chance. So everyone—every single person that has lived, is now living and will live—must endure mistakes and misfortunes, whose chief effect is demoralization.

By some quirk of evolution, productivity is complemented by well-being, whose approaches lie on the other diagonal. The well-being approaches provide support in the face of inevitable disappointments.

So people need to possess (i.e. come to identify with) two approaches: one from each diagonal. This leads to a tendency for horizontal and vertical pairing of mentalities, so that there are:

Self v Society

ClosedVariations in Self-Development: Horizontals

ClosedVariations in Societal Contribution: Verticals

Additional Aspects

ClosedThe Explosive Combination


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Originally posted: July 2009

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