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Look After Yourself—& Society Too

TOP Note: This section is rather detailed and could be considered academic or excessively technical. TOP's aim is to provide you with useful tools and intellectual technologies. To do this, we must plot the various interaction mentalities on a 2×2 Table, and be confident about how the positions are determined. Go to the Hub for more background.

I hope you will join me on this journey into yourself, others, and society.

It requires that we organize our thinking about the mentalities in a particular way. We must get a better appreciation of the practical aspects of using the different mentalities.

In particular, we must have more clarity on the essential benefits and what is required for success in gaining those benefits.

We must plot the mentalities on a special Table (a Typology Essences Table or TET), so we can determine in which quadrant, and where in each quadrant, each mentality lies. The end result is portrayed in the diagram on the right.

The explanation that creates the TET is worth following, because it demands crispness and clarity for each mentality/approach. It will help you understand and prepare yourself for powerful applications to be derived from the TET in later sections.

Originally posted: July 2009

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