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Far more benefit will accrue if you engage with various intellectual technologies that can be generated from this simple 7-level Subsidiary Typology.

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Well-being & Productivity

The mentalities can be divided into two sets mediating two essential social needs; revealing many features critical to our functioning as individuals, and to our organizations and societies.

Business & Markets

These adaptations of the framework clarify:

Derived Frameworks

Given that the basics are understood, a variety of useful intellectual technologies can be developed:

ClosedThe Above Applications are all Based on Incorporating Elements of All 7 Approaches

In any organization or society, by contrast to individuals, all approaches are essential. This is because they all provide benefits and suit different inter-personal and social challenges.

This inclusiveness can be problematic due to the incompatibility amongst approaches and the intensity of feelings that surround each. However, a way to enable compatibility exists.

To allow people to operate productively rather than by disparaging or excluding others, a deeper understanding of this Framework is required. It is essential for developing the further useful applications—that deserve the label: «intellectual technology».

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Originally posted: July 2009

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