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Applications: For Immediate Benefit

THEE Note: Remember, THEE is simple!
Once you see it, you can’t not see it: so memorizing should not be required. Benefit will flow as your understanding of situations and people alters. Attempts to use the knowledge in THEE frameworks as a substitute for thoughtful understanding of your particular situation will surely fail.

From what you have seen so far, you can benefit in many ways. But this benefit only develops when this Framework becomes part of your understanding of the way you and the world work.

Once you are familiar with this Framework, it should be a matter of moments to be aware that you are in the presence of a person or group controlled by a particular mentality. This can help you in many ways:

Know what to expect, what to offer, what to say, how to say it and when to say it.

Know what response will forward your own aims; avoid being knocked off balance.

Having self-knowledge assists with self-acceptance, which reduces self-criticism and helps you withstand criticism from others.

Help others who trust you, because you recognize their own mentality and can help them handle the mentalities of people they must interact with.

Recognize that people will respond differently to an incentive, and that a variety of inducements is required.

Recognize the different contributions that members of a team bring, and identify conflicts or deficiencies that could weaken achievement.

Identify values that are operating in your organization and which need to be developed and promoted. Other sections of this website need your attention to get a fuller picture.

The Framework complements various existing aids you may be using. It can help in regard to:

ClosedCheck Your Understanding

See an overview of more complex intellectual technologies whose development depends on analyses provided in the next section.

Originally posted: July 2009

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