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FAQ for Interacting with Benefit Framework

This Q&A webpage covers the most common questions, objections and misunderstandings. Click on any Q to see its Answer. Comment or post other questions below.

ClosedQ.1: What do these mentalities do?

ClosedQ.2: How many mentalities can you have?

ClosedQ.3: What does it mean to say I «have» a mentality?

ClosedQ.4: What does it mean to say I «identify with» a mentality?

ClosedQ.5: These types are far too extreme. Isn't it possible to be powerful without being sexually depraved, to care for your children without being racist, to believe in a good cause and not be a fanatic?

ClosedQ.6: Doesn't everybody use elements of several or even all mentalities?

ClosedQ.7: If all mentalities are so valuable, why do we stick with just one or two?

ClosedQ.8: Can you adapt your mentality to the situation or the mentality of the other party?

ClosedQ.9: Does this mean that we react negatively to others based on their mentality?

ClosedQ.10: Some of the mentalities don't make sense to me: how can I deal with that?

ClosedQ.11: Yet some mentalities surely reflect a poor morality?

ClosedQ.12: Power-centred types who lie and cheat seem like crooks to me. Isn't that what they are?

ClosedQ.13: Can you ignore mentalities that you dislike?

ClosedQ.14: Why not abolish or criminalize objectionable approaches?

ClosedQ.15: How did I come to develop my one or two main mentalities?

ClosedQ.16: Can a mentality be taught?

ClosedQ.17: Does schooling or further education have a role to play?

ClosedQ.18: How do I learn about the other mentalities in the absence of a teacher?

ClosedQ.19: I think I may have changed my mentality. Does a person’s mentality change over a lifetime?

ClosedQ.20: How can I know what my mentality is at present?

Originally posted: July 2009

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