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Reality-centred Interaction


Prosperity is one essential element in the complex spiritual system that is social life. For some people, simply observing that system with all its wonders is enough. They seek to make a living by communicating what they see and offering positive encouragement to others: Just open your eyes—it’s very simple!

Here are the recommendations for handling interactions, given their intrinsic multi-layered complexity:

This is not a common mentality. Still, try to think of people you know who might exemplify the category. In doing so, remember that it is the overall pattern that counts—not any particular item.


Most sensible people want to see things in terms of themselves and of their interests, or at least in terms of what they are used to and what everybody else agrees is the case.


It would probably be far simpler if everyone cultivated their own garden, worked hard and contributed indirectly to the well-being and prosperity of all. TOP supports such goals: the only question is how you should do this in a way that suits your nature.

Get a Deeper Feel

This rather simple Typology has many useful applications. So it is well worth the effort to get to grips with it.

Originally posted: July 2009

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