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Perspective-centred Interaction


Prosperity involves diverse businesses, diverse talents, diverse functions, diverse resources and diverse markets in diverse countries. An approach to benefit from interaction exists where diversity itself becomes the valued focus.

The benefit comes from learning and respecting different views. The motto: There are no absolutes! If that is what feels essential and right to you, then there are indeed no absolutes and this is how you handle the world:

Think of individuals you know who obviously exemplify the category. In doing so, remember that it is the overall pattern that counts—not any particular interaction.


By insisting to the rest of us that we don’t see things as they are, and that instead we see things as we are, the perspective-centred person turns our comfortable certainties into a chimera.

If all perspectives have equal validity, then the truth of a situation doesn’t exist or is at least wholly obscured. It must surely be possible to transcend this seemingly sterile intellectualism (or is it hidden egotism?) to become self-aware and see things clearly. Otherwise no-one would ever be effective!

Originally posted: July 2009

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