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Kinship-centred Interaction


Some things definitely come before prosperity—like safety and survival. When crisis erupts, when governments confiscate assets, when vigilante persecutors ride out, or when war ravages the countryside, perhaps the only ones you can really count on are your family.

The family, the only place where you really belong and can feel safe, persists because it meets essential human needs and fits our genetic programming. It is not surprising that some view it as the prime source of benefit and the proper focus for social interaction. They admonish: Never forget: Blood is thicker than water! Their strictly upheld conventions include:

Think of people you know who obviously exemplify the category. In doing so, remember that it is the overall pattern that counts—not any particular item.


Interestingly, in modern times at least, criticisms of this sort often come from younger members within a family group.

Some would say that a person should explore alternative lifestyles and value systems, rather than instantly condemning and rejecting anything that is different. Engaging with diverse perspectives can even become a way of life.

Originally posted: July 2009

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