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Power-centred Interaction


Prosperity exists within a power-impregnated environment because:

But we must not forget that:

So coming to terms with power-centredness (if that is you) and the personal use of power by yourself and others (if you are not primarily power-centred) is a critical aspect of emotional maturation and intrinsic to strength of character.

Power-driven individuals have their own distinctive prescription for success: they never forget Might is right! And they follow this sort of philosophy:

Think of individuals you know who obviously exemplify the category. In doing so, remember that it is the overall pattern that counts—not any particular interaction.


Yet power is a social reality and it has its acolytes. Most successful rulers in the historical record were power-centred, and so are politicians to this day. As indeed are many financiers.

Important! Recognize that there are many successful power-centred individuals who are sensible and adept enough to stay out of serious trouble.

Nevertheless, when power becomes the primary goal, there is always the danger of a vacuum where values should be: principles disappear, expedience rules and ends justify the means.

Originally posted: July 2009

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