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Market-centred Interaction


Prosperity implies increasing wealth, which depends on successful businesses and continuing investment built around an ever-greater variety of specialized products and services.

Everyone benefits from economic growth, but certain people are its immediate generators. If you listen and watch them carefully, you will see that tough moments in relationships lead to the affirmation: Business is business!

They also respect certain imperatives:

Think of individuals you know who obviously exemplify the category. In doing so, remember that it is the overall pattern that counts—not any particular interaction.


The fact that such questions can even be posed supports the observation that there are people who seek benefits other than money and who are unsympathetic to commerce.

If money is the object, there are more expedient ways of getting it than hard work: e.g. demanding money with threats, or setting up a Ponzi scheme—methods copied by governments everywhere.

Originally posted: July 2009

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