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Overview of the 7 Mentalities

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Core Process
& Benefit
Market-centred Competing
so as
to prosper
Business is business!
Power-centred Controlling
so as
to dominate
Might is right!
Cause-centred Believing
so as
to find meaning
Fight the good fight!
Community-centred Cooperating
so as
to get social progress
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!
Kinship-centred Belonging
so as
to feel secure
Blood is thicker than water!
Perspective-centred Learning
so as
to welcome diversity
There are no absolutes!
Reality-centred Seeing essences
so as
to unify
It’s simple: just open your eyes!

ClosedWhat is a Mentality?

A mentality is a mind-set or state of mind that contributes to personal identity. A mentality colours and channels perceptions, convictions, communications, relationships, identifications and actions. It becomes self-fulfilling and self-reinforcing: through the use of language and through habits like reading, clustering with people sharing the mentality and via social feedback.

A mentality, being an aspect of personal identity, is a pattern and cannot be simply defined. It has numerous emotional, intellectual and behavioural processes and values that form a consistent and coherent whole. Each will be configured and manifested slightly differently in each person, and will be affected by social circumstances. Just look for a consistent pattern without prejudice and you will see it.

ClosedWhat is an Approach? 

An approach is a theory (doctrine, paradigm, philosophy) governing or giving direction to interaction. Approaches emerge through reflective people articulating their preferred mentality. In this case, the approach is the theory whereby people organize themselves, their thinking and their interactions, all with the aim of assisting the pursuit of benefit through interactions in their social world.

Originally posted: July 2009

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