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This Framework deals with how people naturally seek to be successful, safe and satisfied. THEE identifies seven Mentalities (or Approaches) that we use to obtain our preferred form of benefit. The THEE-names and slogans aim to capture the spirit of each way of interacting.

Core Process
& Benefit
Market-centred Competing
so as
to prosper
Business is business!
Power-centred Controlling
so as
to dominate
Might is right!
Cause-centred Believing
so as
to find meaning
Fight the good fight!
Community-centred Cooperating
so as
to produce social progress
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!
Kinship-centred Belonging
so as
to feel secure
Blood is thicker than water!
Perspective-centred Learning
so as
to welcome diversity
There are no absolutes!
Reality-centred Seeing essences
so as
to unify
It’s simple: just open your eyes!

How We Live

We each value most highly the process and benefit that is generated by whichever one of the above approaches suits us best. As a result, that particular approach ends up governing much of our life. We want the benefits of other approaches too (just not enough to become unlike ourselves) and may seek them to a greater or lesser degree.

However, our natural approach becomes stamped in our minds as a persistent controlling mentality. We are all inclined to associate with like-minded people, and this principle also applies here. So our social network generates pressures and incentives to maintain and value the common mentality. The end result is that, over time, the approach becomes a defining component of who we are, who we spend time with, and how we think and operate.

Prepare Yourself

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Originally posted: July 2009

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