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Orientation to Interaction

We interact with others all the time: at work, at home, at play and in impersonal public environments.

Many of these interactions are conventional, habitual, situation-specific or reflex and require little attention. But when our self-interest is in play, interaction takes on a different colour. How we each interact to benefit ourselves, to prosper, and to serve our legitimate interests requires more attention and thought.

The basic Framework clarifies the seven mutually-exclusive ways of interacting socially that anyone may adopt—or discover that they have adopted. The method is adopted by us because it seems the best, the correct, the most sensible way to «benefit». Of course, that presumes we have chosen, perhaps unconsciously, what counts as «benefit».

Prospering in life is nothing more than seeking and getting benefits. Each way to prosper is a self-contained system that makes it quite clear what to think and do to thrive in society as it is. We are not always aware that others use a very different system to benefit from our own. This is partly because it is intrinsic to prospering that we mostly mix with people like ourselves, with whom we can share assumptions, attitudes and activities—and so get the support and recognition that we all need.

Conclusion: It's a whole different world out there!

Originally posted: July 2009

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