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The Power and Responsibility of the People

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the analyses is the part that «the people» play in government choices and political life generally. The power-structure of society is based in organized groups. Yet all significant change for any particular person or community is dependent on the people generally.

The initial assumption and final conclusion cannot be avoided: the final responsibility for the political condition of any society must rest with the people. That refers to their general level of awareness, degree of ethical maturity in society, and general strength of character. This phenomenon is examined further here by comparing the two Trees in politics. The process of discovering these Trees has been summarized: note that one emerges from the structure of the other.

These two similar Trees in politics, have been tentatively named:

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The People and the Powerful in Politics:  Tree showing channels of influence. Framework tree of participation and change: The People versus the Sources of Power

Originally posted: August-2009; Last updated: 15-Nov-2010

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