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Theory meets Reality: FAQ's

The Big Question

The Framework of social territories and political organization refers to categories that emerge from our nature as aware psychosocial beings with biological needs.

We all recognize that we belong to more than one type of community/territory. But the immediate reaction to the idea of standardized social territories is disbelief. Many different sizes and sorts of community are regarded as «natural». The variety of political arrangements around the world is enormous.

Experience suggests that the present Framework brings useful order to any serious discussion. However, it does not propose any fixed arrangement in any particular country. In fact, any actual arrangement can be no more than an exemplification of ideas and issues within the Framework.

One Thing is Certain: The present clarification of the differences between social territories that feel right to people, and service territories that are efficient for organizations, deserves wider recognition. Read again.

Q: Does the Framework of natural political territories match what exists in world politics?

Q: People and their societies are never neat and tidy so how can this neat and tidy Framework be applied?

Q: Is there an example of the use of the Framework?

Q: Is size a factor in defining a political territory?


Originally posted: August-2009; Last updated: 15-Nov-2010

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