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Review of the Tiers of Government

There are seven levels of social territory and correspondingly seven tiers of political organization. We can now summarize the framework and then review various implications.

This Matrix-Table summarizes the Levels of Political Territory. For territory synonyms, go to the relevant webpages by clicking on the political organization.

Tier Political Territory Essential
Political Organization Political
Primary Political Concern
7 The Earth Humanity sharing the planet Global Assembly
(UN aspires to this role.)
Co-existence Promoting the rights of man and protection of the global ecosystem.
6 Group of similar adjacent countries Feelings of cultural commonality Consortium of Nation-states Harmony Developing wider cultural links and greater security.
5 Country with a Culture Cultural identity National Government Sovereignty Protecting the nation: its borders, and sense of cultural unity; plus doing what society requires.
4 Culturally-distinct Region Distinct sub-cultural and socio-geographic features. Regional Government Autonomy Sustaining and developing the regional cultural identity.
3 Town or District Area of daily travel for most services and recreation. Local Government Responsiveness Regulating the collective necessities of daily life.
2 Neighbourhood An area able to be walked around while getting to know many families. Neighbourhood Council Familiarity Regulating the immediate environment.
1 Physical Home Area for personal living. Household Privacy Regulating personal autonomy and belonging.

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