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The Nation-State (L-5)

A nation-state is the political organization corresponding to a social-cultural territory, typically referred to as «a country» and which claims sovereignty. Sovereignty (PH'6CsHG71) permits a society to take all steps to ensure stability while enabling necessary changes. In particular there is the exertion of power to preserve and develop the integrity of the culture, both within the country and in relation to outside bodies and countries.

Alternative terms for Nation-state include:Closed Kingdom, Republic, Dominion, Principality, State, Federation, Nation, Union, or just Country.

Terms for Government-L5 include:Closed Central, Federal, National, or a Union.

Primacy of Culture

A culture within a given territory is the fundamental basis of the larger political organization of human communities. A culture is commonly recognized if there is:

The behaviour of the community in question in relation to its political structures is often used as a way to reach a conclusion about its distinctiveness. Example: Kurds and Kurdistan.

Theory is Easy: Closed A culture consists of a powerful set of values that lead people to desire its protection and preservation through instituting a sovereign government.

But Hard to Apply: Closed Objective determination of a cultural group may be hard, and there may be much argument about when a community within a territory does or does not form a distinct culture, rather than a sub-cultural variation.

ClosedCulture & Violence

ClosedEmpires & Nation-States

Rule of Law

The national government develops laws to embody, preserve and develop the culture within the country, ensuring it cannot be subverted from within or without. These laws are coercive and cross all internal boundaries of the country to provide complete coverage to all citizens.

ClosedCulture & the Three Powers

Intrinsic Responsibilities

Responsibilities in governing a nation-state:

ClosedPseudo-National Concerns

Example: The US Constitution recognized this danger but its prohibitions are routinely over-ridden.

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