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Levels of Political Territory

Territory + politics are inseparable: just as politics + government are inseparable. Here we consider territory + government—but politics doesn't disappear: rather we have a double dose. The politics are intense, with descent into internal violence and border wars all too common.



Tiers of Government

All modern civilized societies have governing institutions—and it is evident that most have more than one tier (or level) of government. At the very least there is always national and local government—because citizens simultaneously perceive themselves to be members of:

People everywhere are inclined to view these two forms of government as indispensable. However, most countries have additional tiers of government based on territory, and tensions between the various tiers of government For an example of academic analyses with a survey of aspects of this topic within one region of the world, see: Tensions in the Territorial Politics of Western Europe. Ed. R.A.W. Rhodes and V. Wright, 1986, London: Routledge is common.

To make sense of these tensions, we need to get clarity about some fundamentals:

In pursuing this analysis, we will start with the most unmistakable territorial community possessing government: the nation-state.

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