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The Dilemma: Integrate or Divide

Political activities at each Level will now be considered in terms of their integrative/unifying or divisive/splitting qualities (i.e. the dynamic duality is applied). Some familiarity with the previous framework is assumed.

Social Commitment-CG1 is a Balanced Centre.

ClosedExampleSetting up a New Political Party

Political Work-CG2 is a Balanced Centre.


Mobilization-CG3 is Bipolar with Organized Mobilization as the divisive Centre and Spontaneous Demonstration as the integrative Centre.

ClosedExample: Democratic Regimes

ClosedExampleAuthoritarian Regimes

Producing Public Policy Proposals-CG4 is a Balanced Centre.

ClosedExampleGovernment Statistics

Authorization Arrangements-CG5 is Bipolar with Society's Governing Institutions as the integrative Centre and Society's Actual Leadership as the divisive Centre.

ClosedExampleUnifying Leadership

ClosedExampleWeak Governance

Political Will-CG6 is Bipolar with Sanction for the Social Order as the integrative Centre and Popular Pressure for Reform as the divisive Centre.

Enabling Stability-CG7 is a Balanced Centre.

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